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Wow! Here is a video of a DJI drone equipped with a machine gun!


Here is a video of a DJI drone (built for cameras) carrying a machine gun! This was done in Ukraine by people on the ground.

Ever since drones were made available to consumers, people have always wondered how long before people would equip these consumer and professional drones with real weapons. Although I know this is not the first time this has happened, there is video of a non-military drone flying with a machine gun.

Video of a DJI drone equipped with a machine gun

As the fighting continues in Ukraine, there continues to be consumer and non-military equipment suitable for combat. For example, consumer Garmin GPS devices are used to help coordinate targets, and Starlink’s Internet is used by military commanders to coordinate and stay in touch with their various troops and government officials when regular communication is interrupted.

DJI drones were also used to survey various areas and check for damage and enemy soldiers. On the Russian side, Iranian Shahed-136 drones are used to swarm areas and attack. But, these are drones built for this kind of purpose. On the Ukrainian side, a video came out showing Ukrainians equipping a DJI Matrix 600 professional drone. This particular drone is no longer produced but was built to carry cinema style cameras.

The DJI Matrix 600 drone

Apparently, according to Roman Kyrylyuk (a Ukrainian software engineer and military volunteer), they install a machine gun instead of the cinema camera on this DJI Matrice 600 and control it like a camera would be controlled. Watch this video:

Now I can’t find any video of the drone in flight with the pistol shot. I imagine it would take/took a lot of trial and error to balance so that the gimbal would work with the recoil of the machine gun. Guess it can’t be super accurate in its current form, but I know more about drones than machine guns, so I’ll leave that part to the weapons experts!

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