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Utah ranked 11th most patriotic state, study finds


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – As July 4 approaches, a new study ranked the Beehive State the 11th most patriotic state in the United States.

According to study published by WalletHub, rankings were determined based on 13 indicators of patriotism, including voter turnout, civic education requirements, jury duty, and active duty military personnel.

The data was then collected from several sources, including US Census Bureau, Department of Veterans Affairs, Defense Manpower Data Center, Corporation for National & Community Service, Peace Corps, Military OneSource, United States Elections Project, Administrative Office of the United States Courts and Center for American Progress.

Here’s where Utah ranked among some of the categories:

Patriotism in Utah (1 = most patriotic; 25 = avg.)

  • 1st – Volunteer rate
  • 1st – Civic education requirement
  • 1st – Volunteer hours per resident
  • 5e – AmeriCorps volunteers per capita
  • 2sd – Share of residents who participate in groups or organizations (civic life)

Utah ranked 38th for military engagement and ninth for civic engagement. Utah fell to the bottom of the pack in terms of more veterans per capita, ranking 46th. Only Massachusetts, California, New Jersey and New York have fewer veterans per capita.

To determine civic engagement, WalletHub measured the number of adults who voted in the 2020 presidential election, adults who voted in the 2020 primary elections, volunteer rate, volunteer hours per resident, AmeriCorps volunteers per capita, Peace Corps volunteers per capita, trial and grand jury participation, share of residents participating in groups or organizations, and civic education requirement.

To determine military engagement, the study looked at the average number of enlisted military personnel in Utah per 1,000 adult civilians between 2013 and 2018, veterans per 1,000 adult civilians, active duty military personnel per 100,000. adult civilians and the share of the adult population in military reserves.

While Utah has fallen into the 11th most patriotic state, here are the top 10 most patriotic states according to the study:

  1. Montana
  2. Alaska
  3. Maryland
  4. Vermont
  5. New Hampshire
  6. North Dakota
  7. Wyoming
  8. Minnesota
  9. Oregon
  10. Virginia

Montana tops the list of most patriotic states, ranking first for civic engagement and 22nd for military engagement.

On the other side of the coin, here are the 10 least patriotic states according to WalletHub:

50. New-York

49. Florida

48. Connecticut

47. Michigan

46. ​​California

45. Illinois

44. New Jersey

43. Arkansas

42. West Virginia

41. Texas

40. Mississippi

New York fell to the bottom of the pack, ranking 49th for military engagement and 45th for civic engagement.

To read the full study and find out how the data was collected, click here