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The Scooby Gang, classified by combat ability


Throughout its seven seasons, the iconic ’90s series Buffy the vampire slayer followed a close-knit group of friends, known as the Scooby Gang, as they battled the forces of darkness. From high school to adulthood, there was no shortage of big bad guys and demonic foes to overcome. However, not all gang members were equally skilled in a fight.

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As the Slayer, Buffy Summers was the physically strongest of her friends, but that didn’t mean that others, like Buffythe mighty witch Willow, could not cope. While no one was perfect at the time of a supernatural confrontation, it was obvious who killed easily and who struggled to survive.

ten Dawn Summers always gets kidnapped

The youngest of the Summers’ tendency to get into trouble and lack strength puts her in last place in terms of combat abilities. While Dawn finally learned to cope towards the end of the series, most of her screen time has placed her in the role of the young lady. There’s a reason Buffy’s answer to Dawn’s latest problem is “it must be Tuesday”.

As for her fighting skills, Dawn’s screams are probably her best defense, although that certainly never stopped her from being kidnapped throughout the series.

9 Tara Maclay is a nice witch

Tara casts a spell on the Scoobies in the Buffy Family episode

Before her death, this benevolent witch held respectable power. Yet her natural tendency towards peaceful resolution generally led Tara to any nonviolent path available.

While that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t have done her best to protect her friends and girlfriend Willow, it’s unlikely that Tara could defeat an extremely powerful big bad on her own. In terms of physical fights, Tara wasn’t exactly known to be a brawler. When confronted with Glory, Tara couldn’t escape and ended up having her brain sucked out by a god from hell.

8 Cordelia Chase doesn’t back down from a fight

While she becomes a powerful warrior on angel, Cordy’s time in the Scooby Gang didn’t really show off her strong fighting abilities. During her days in Sunnydale, Cordelia Chase helped the Scoobies, albeit reluctantly, and proved that if necessary, she would not back down from a fight.

Her strongest moments include helping Alex take refuge in Summers’ basement after the city falls under the spell of love and helping Buffy defeat the vicious hunters of Slayerfest ’98.

7 Anya Jenkins / Anyaka needs her powers

As a vengeance demon, Anyaka possessed great wish-granting power and appeared to have increased strength, as shown when she threw Spike across the room in Season 7. She also managed to hold her own. to Buffy when the Slayer was forced to confront her.

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Yet despite her strength, Anya Jenkins didn’t seem to possess the same level of combat skills as a human. Without the supernatural enhancement, she was clearly not on the same level as her demonic self.

6 Xander Harris holds his

buffy summers xander harris halloween vampire slayer

Of all his friends, Xander Harris was the only one who did not have a supernatural ability. Although he gained experience helping Scoobies fight demons, his most useful fighting skill was his Halloween transformation into a soldier. Although the spell only lasted one night, Alex retained his knowledge of military training, weapon handling techniques, and combat tactics, all of which proved useful in combat.

However, in terms of one-on-one combat, Alex wasn’t exactly known for his physical strength. Although he never backed down from the fight, he inevitably needed the Slayer’s help.

5 Rupert Giles has hidden strengths

Giles blocks Buffy as Robin plans to kill Spike in Lies My Parents Told Me

Giles has often been ridiculed for his stifling and upright appearance, but he proved appearances can be deceiving when he first faced his past in Season 2. In one of Giles’ best episodes of Buffy, the Scoobies learned that as a young man Rupert Giles was a bad boy magic lover known as Ripper and not the sweet librarian they thought he was.

Giles’s Watcher training, along with his marksmanship and sword fighting skills, allowed him to hold out in physical combat. Throughout the series, viewers see Giles sometimes using violence as a last resort, such as when he attacked Angelus after Jenny’s murder, when he beat Ethan Rayne, and when he suffocated Ben. Yet despite his skills, Giles wasn’t always able to defend himself against a truly powerful opponent and was knocked out by enemies quite often early in the season.

4 Willow Rosenberg is a powerful witch

Willow activates the powers of each potential slayer in the episode of Buffy Chosen

Throughout his time on Buffy the vampire slayer, Willow Rosenberg transformed into a powerful witch. While she might not have been able to deal with big issues on her own in the early seasons, by the time the Scoobies faced off against the God of Hell in Season 5, Willow was ready. She was not only able to launch an attack on her, but was also the only member of the gang capable of injuring Glory.

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By the end of the show, Willow has learned to control her power and use it for the greater good, making her truly powerful.

3 Angel is a strong vampire

Angel becomes Angelus in Buffy.

Known for fighting the good fight when his cursed soul is firmly intact, Angel is definitely a vampire worth a companion when a battle breaks out. He has all the abilities of a standard vampire and has the years to prove that he knows how to survive.

Although his greatest weakness was the precariousness of his soul, even as an evil Angelus he was a talented and deadly fighter, although he probably wouldn’t help the Scooby Gang much in his soulless state.

2 Spike is skilled in combat

Spike strapped to a chair in Buffy.

Buffy’s the old big bad, Spike, was always up for a fight. With a long history of bloodshed and fights, William the Blood has built a solid reputation. He became notorious in the supernatural world for killing two Slayers during his unlife.

Aside from the standard supernatural abilities of a vampire, Spike is a highly skilled fighter who has helped Buffy save the world on several occasions. While his vampire weaknesses can be used against him in mortal combat, Spike has already proven that he can escape death, and his love for “fist and fang” means he won’t back down.

1 Buffy Summers has what it takes

Of course, Buffy Summers is the strongest of the Scoobies when it comes to physical combat. From her years of patrolling cemeteries to saving the world, Buffy has always managed to pull through.

Throughout the series, Buffy has learned to hone her supernatural abilities, constantly training with her Watcher and occasionally going on a quest to learn more about her origins as a Slayer. She not only defeated the Master and a god of hell, but she also faced the Ubervamps and the First Evil. If there’s anyone in the Scooby Gang to bet to win when it comes to an epic battle, it’s Buffy Summers.

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