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The Koozie Group prioritizes safety and social responsibility


Koozie Group, Clearwater, Florida, drives industry innovation with hundreds of new products each year, while prioritizing safety and social responsibility. This priority is one of the four key areas of Keep it. Give it., the Koozie Group’s vision for positive social impact and increased sustainability. The company launched the program in 2020 to ensure it leaves a positive and lasting impact with the solutions and experiences it offers.

“Koozie Group takes great pride in ensuring that we create healthy work environments for our employees and produce safe and socially responsible promotional products,” said Sandeep Jain, Vice President of Supplier Relations, Sourcing and compliance. “From ensuring all of our plastic beverage products are BPA-free to having our Experience Safety Council identify opportunities to expand safety messaging and promotion, we are taking many steps that help us help achieve our safety and social responsibility goals.

Looking back to 2021, here are some of the ways the Koozie Group has made a difference when it comes to safety and social responsibility:

  • The Koozie Group is now affiliated as a Participating Company in the Fair Labor Association, a nonprofit collaborative effort of universities, civil society organizations and businesses promoting compliance with international and national laws.
  • The company’s North American facilities conduct weekly audits that go beyond industry standards and OSHA requirements to conduct safety observations and develop leading indicators for injury prevention.
  • Product test reports are located on kooziegroup.com to provide transparency in the Koozie Group supply chain.
  • The company’s commitment to brand safety and responsible sourcing includes C-TPAT certification, as well as compliance with CPSIA, applicable FDA regulations, technology standards and Prop 65.

Learn more about Keep it. Give the. and the positive impact it has had in 2021, see the program’s annual report.

Source: Koozie Group

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