Home Social group Southern Adventist University students win 7 awards at Sonscreen Film Festival

Southern Adventist University students win 7 awards at Sonscreen Film Festival


During the Sonscreen Film Festival, film production students from Southern Adventist University’s School of Visual Art and Design put on a good showing. Seven students from the South won seven prizes:

Best in Fest and Best in Drama: “Like Paper”, Michaela Hounslow
Best documentary: “As You Are”, Tyler Whitsett and Sid Ramirez
Best Artistic Experience: “Truth Is Foreign”, Michael Moyer
Best Comedy: “The Life of Walter”, Michael Moyer
Jury selection: “We are people”, Marcus Maynes
People’s Choice: “Spark”, Ashton Weiss and Michael Rackley

The Sonscreen Film Festival offers young filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their useful and relevant productions focused on social awareness, awareness and uplifting entertainment. This year, 23 Southern film students attended the festival, which was held at the Loma Linda University Church in California. While students from the South have attended the festival for nearly 20 years, this year’s group was the largest.

“Presenting your work to an audience and answering questions is such a valuable experience and reward for any filmmaker,” said Nicholas Livanos, associate professor of filmmaking at Southern. “I am so grateful that my students have had the chance to share their hard work with peers and industry professionals; we are training the next generation of Christian filmmakers.

Michaela Hounslow, a senior, felt honored to receive the highest honor and thanks her film crew for their perseverance throughout the process.

“Making films is a vulnerable and exhausting process, and when that work is rewarded, it’s a special encouragement,” Ms Hounslow said. “I strive to tell stories that showcase a sense of humanity in places where people don’t expect to see it. Stories have preserved our thoughts, ideas, fears and hopes for generations, and I am honored to be part of this tradition.