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Seven Agencies Unite for New GOT7 EP


Boy band GOT7 poses during a press conference for their new EP “GOT7” on May 23. [WARNER MUSIC KOREA]

Boy group GOT7 showed they’re still proud and tall as a team during their comeback performance in Gangnam, southern Seoul, on Monday.

The group of seven – Mark, Jay B, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom – are back with their new EP “GOT7”. The boy debuted in 2014 and released hit after hit, including ‘A’ (2014), ‘Just Right’ (2015), ‘If You Do’ (2015) and ‘Hard Carry’ (2016).

But after the release of a digital single in February 2021, the group members’ contracts with JYP Entertainment ended and they went their separate ways.

They however stressed that they are not disbanding and true to their word, after a year and three months they are back.

“We feel very lucky to be able to make a comeback as a full group of seven,” said Jay B. “We would like to thank each member’s agency for their cooperation in making this possible. We always said that the seven of us would come back, but it’s like a dream that it came true.

“We are so happy to be able to keep our promise and to thank our fans, who waited for us,” said Jinyoung.

“We wanted to keep our promise to the fans,” BamBam said. “Contrary to many people’s misunderstanding, GOT7 did not disband, and we wanted to prove it. So we took a break from our individual activities and will focus on the team for now.



The group’s comeback is an inspiration to K-pop groups even after the members’ contracts with their agencies ended. Each of the GOT7 members now belongs to a different management, but their new agencies cooperated for the group’s comeback.

“Our agencies were all so dedicated to us being active again as GOT7,” Jinyoung said. Sometimes I felt like they were more dedicated than us! It was not easy. But the technology is so handy these days that we were able to do online video call meetings and work on our album despite social distancing and some members being overseas.

The members participated in the production process, showing their eagerness to create their own music. The music and lyrics for lead track “Nanana,” a bright, relaxed number, were written by Jay B.

“Overall, this album shows a much richer variety of sounds,” Jay B said. “We used to prefer a very powerful style of music, but now we can enjoy songs that are relaxing and fun. [like ‘Nanana’] equally.

“To this day, it feels so natural to be a part of GOT7,” Yugyeom said. “We all started out as members of GOT7, and we’ve known each other for over 10 years, including our trainee days.”

“This [the hiatus] was a time to refresh and remember to never forget where we came from,” added Jay B.



Ever since GOT7’s contract with JYP Entertainment expired, securing the copyright for the group’s name has been quite a journey, according to Jay B.

“Trademark rights are such a tricky issue,” he said. “But [JYP’s] CEO Jung Wook happily agreed to hand over the GOT7 brand to us. I then contacted a lawyer, who told me that it is extremely rare for a brand to be passed on in such a friendly way. I would like to thank CEO Jung and producer Park Jin-young again. I collected all the necessary documents and member signatures, and realized that it was not easy at all. It made me humbled and grateful to the agency and the employees who usually do these things for us.

“We may not be able to be as active as before, but we want to continue showing up as a group between our individual times,” he added.

BY HALEY YANG [[email protected]]