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Prestwich families have helped b Red Lion Pub


A pub in Prestwich helps families with the cost of sending children to school.

The scheme, organized by Joseph Holt, calls on patrons and members of the local community to donate school clothes to collection points at any of Joseph Holt’s 127 North West pubs.

Members of the ‘Cowardly Women’ social group, who meet regularly at the pub, sort through the donated uniforms.

Pub manager Kailey Ashurt said: ‘People have been so generous that the donations are really going to help so many families.

The Schoolwear Association found that the average cost of compulsory school uniforms and sportswear is £101.19 per pupil.

For those with more than one child, it can cost a family hundreds of pounds.

Paul Longmire, Head of Marketing at Joseph Holt, said: ‘It made us all think that with so much needed right now, we could help collect donated items and make sure they go to those who need them. need.

“This again shows how pubs are so central to the community and work to reach those in need.

“We are sure there will be a generous response from our kind-hearted customers and the community beyond so that we can do something to help families struggling with the cost of providing uniforms.

“We have claimed all aspects of the school uniform and kit, as long as they are in good condition. And the response from customers and members of the public has been magnificent.

“Additionally, recycling the uniform will save landfill space and reduce greenhouse gases – so there is also an environmental benefit.”

Dropped items will be organized by size and school and listed on the pub’s Facebook page.

Those in need can message pubs directly from their Facebook page, and leftover uniforms will be donated directly to schools.