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Opinion/Letter: Demand Response to Climate Change | Opinion


Demand response to climate change

How could I, a law-abiding retired civil servant, find myself sitting on the DC Beltway blocking traffic on the 4th of July? Believe me, I didn’t risk my life and inconvenience motorists with a five-mile traffic jam on a whim. Science tells us that we have two to three years to start tackling the climate crisis before we head into inevitable environmental catastrophe. Evidence shows that we are currently only making things worse with new fossil fuel projects.

Former UK government chief scientist Sir David King said in February 2021 that “what we do over the next three to four years will, I believe, determine the future of humanity”.

How to communicate the severity of the emergency? So far, people have signed petitions, participated in political campaigns, protested, been arrested and imprisoned. None of these caught the public’s attention or changed the votes of lawmakers. People are therefore coming together to lead nonviolent civil disobedience to demand that President Biden stop all fossil fuel extraction on federal and indigenous lands and declare a climate emergency, which would allow him to reinstate the oil export ban. , redirect some of the military spending to build renewable energy infrastructure and invoke the Defense Production Act.

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It would also raise awareness of what humanity is facing: widespread famine, floods, forest fires, heat waves and drought. Working with DeclareEmergency.org, 13 brave souls (including a black Muslim, a 78-year-old grandmother and a seven-month-pregnant Latina) blocked the ring road with Declare Emergency signs to draw attention to the climate crisis.

This movement is international, part of the A22 network, with non-violent campaigns in nine countries. Don’t let our world catch fire. Join me in protecting what we love.