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Messenger: Missouri woman to have baby in jail for smoking a joint on probation | Tony Messenger


Sure enough, Clevenger, who after his release from prison moved to Columbia to participate in a sober living program, was quickly accused of violating probation. It starts with a missed hearing, the kind of unnecessary court proceedings many rural judges plan to tie defendants to their court, much like they did with “payment review hearings” to recover court costs, before. that the Supreme Court of Missouri not put an end to this practice. Clevenger missed a hearing and was arrested and jailed on a cash bond she couldn’t afford.

She was released on bail and a few months later, prosecutor Tim Thompson filed a motion to revoke her probation, in part because she had not yet secured a job. She was arrested and jailed again, then released again, and told to come back in a few months.

On October 12, she appeared for a case review and admitted in court that she smoked a joint to relieve morning sickness that occurred during pregnancy. Rolf revoked her bail, arrested her, and put her in jail on a $ 15,000 cash bond, which of course she couldn’t afford.

The sober house she lived in wants her to come back, her public defenders told the judge. The probation office recommended that she stay in the treatment program she was participating in rather than going back to jail.