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Man convicted of having gunshot while filming music video


SAN FRANCISCO – A federal judge has handed down a 366-day federal prison sentence for a Bay Area man who was arrested with a stolen pistol and a 75-round magazine at the site of a music video shoot in East Palo Alto , according to court records.

Ronson Holland-Walton, 26, of Stockton, was sentenced Thursday by U.S. District Judge Susan Illston, court records show. The gun police found in his car while filming the August 2019 clip was one of seven guns recovered that day, and Holland-Walton was arrested for being one of the only people to remain in the area when police arrived, prosecutors said in court records.

The conviction is a victory for the defense, who demanded the exact prison sentence Holland Watson received. His attorney, Deputy Public Defender Graham Archer, cited “the nature of the offense, a firearm used as an accessory in a music video, his limited and non-violent criminal history, his traumatic upbringing” and his good behavior during his provisional release. , court records show.

Archer wrote that when Holland-Watson was 17, he was shot eight times at a party, confined to a wheelchair for several months, and had to relearn to walk. He also disagreed with prosecutors that the weapon used as an accessory in a video should be considered an “aggravating factor”

“On the contrary, while it was certainly a bad decision, the goal of Mr. Holland-Walton holding the gun was to get done and make his clip cooler,” Archer wrote. “Reckless, of course, but not aggravating compared to the many other illicit uses of firearms the court sees in cases of the (firearms) detention of criminals.”

The US attorney’s office requested a three-year prison sentence, writing in court records that such a sentence was supported by his “criminal history.” But prosecutors did not detail his criminal history – other than saying he had an unspecified felony conviction that prevented him from legally having a gun – and the indictment is still under seal, even though the case has been tried, according to court records.

The defense wrote that he had a marijuana conviction and a gun case on his record. He pleaded guilty to possession of the gun at a hearing before Illston earlier this year.

Holland-Watson is due to visit the Prisons Office in September, court records show.