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Madison Mayor Unveils 2022 Operating Budget with Focus on City Services, Violence Prevention and Affordable Housing | 97 Seven Country WGLR – The best country variety of the tri-state


“While Madison is not immune to national trends regarding gun violence, reckless driving and the economic hardship of COVID-19, there are also reasons for hope,” Rhodes-Conway said. “Madison’s immunization rates are among the best in the country, our economy has started to recover and our unemployment rate is low. State and federal governments have provided unprecedented assistance to cities, allowing us to get on the road to recovery faster. “

The first of four key areas highlighted in the new budget is ensuring that residents of the City of Madison – some of whom will soon become residents of the City of Madison – have equitable access to city services. Rhodes-Conway said she has included increased funding for additional staff and resources so that the city’s streets division, clerk’s office, parks division and police department, among others, can serve new residents.

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Rhodes-Conway said her budget will also fund several violence prevention and public safety initiatives, including the Community Alternative Response Emergency Services program, which provides a paramedic and crisis worker to respond to non-violent 911 calls in the city center.

The budget includes full funding for the city’s Independent Police Monitor and Police Civilian Oversight Board, as well as funding for a new post of Director of Police Reform and Innovation within the Police Department. from Madison. Rhodes-Conway said the new post will focus on “data-driven methods” to create new policing and violence prevention strategies.

Efforts to meet the city’s housing needs will also be boosted with millions to help people buy and repair homes, reduce barriers to renting for some tenants, expand the eviction defense program. of the city and to finance the operations of services to the homeless.

To support the city’s workforce, the budget includes funding for a number of training programs within the Engineering, Streets and Parks divisions.

Rhodes-Conway said the budget also includes a 1% salary increase for general municipal employees.

“As we continue to face difficult times with a pandemic and the fallout it has created in our community, I believe the priorities in this budget will help us continue to rebuild a stronger, more equitable and better city. resilient, ”Rhodes-Conway said. .

The city’s budget includes a 1.1% increase in property taxes for residents of Madison, which Rhodes-Conway said is the smallest increase in 20 years.

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Rhodes-Conway’s budget will be presented at the city’s joint council meeting on Tuesday evening. More information on the budget process and details on the 2022 budget are available on the city’s website.