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LGBTQ civil rights group sues Florida over ban on transgender girls in sport



The HRC lawsuit was filed on behalf of a 13-year-old transgender student named Daisy, a multi-sport athlete who is about to start eighth grade and plays as a goalie on three different soccer teams.

Daisy participated in sports exclusively on girls ‘teams, but would be pressured to play on the boys’ soccer team under new Florida law, which the lawsuit said would be detrimental to her educational and social development while risking their privacy and security.

“Playing sports makes me feel like I belong, the thought of not being able to play next year scares me,” Daisy said in a statement via HRC.

HRC contends that Florida’s ban on transgender athletes in women’s sports is a “clear violation” of the Constitution under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment and Title IX, a federal education law that prohibits discrimination based on sex. Similar arguments have been made regarding the laws of Idaho and West Virginia which have already been challenged in court.

The Biden administration earlier this month took its first legal step to protect the rights of transgender girls to play sports by calling West Virginia law unconstitutional.

Florida’s new law establishes that women’s sports from college to college, including intramural and club teams, are closed to men based on the biological sex listed on a student’s birth certificate.

The measure was celebrated by Republicans to “protect the integrity” of women’s athletics. Florida has joined over 20 other GOP-trending states pushing similar ideas. Democrats generally disavow the policy, saying it is unwarranted in the state, fuels transphobia and discriminates against transgender students.

The HRC lawsuit marks the latest legal challenge Florida and DeSantis face following the 2021 session. Already, the DeSantis administration is waging legal battles against the state’s controversial new election law and a crackdown on them. social media companies.