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Leading Social Media Platforms Unite to Support COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign



  • Collaboration comes as all adults ages 18 and over are invited to receive a jab
  • Filters and a range of stickers will be available on Snapchat from today
  • Other platforms will host live questions and answers with medical experts providing vaccine advice

Major social media platforms popular with young people, including Snapchat, Reddit, TikTok, and YouTube, are supporting the vaccination program by encouraging their users to get vaccinated against the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The partnerships come as all adults aged 18 and over are urged to receive a vaccine in England as the vaccination program continues at an unprecedented pace and scale.

Snapchat users can use NHS stickers, a filter, and later this month, an augmented reality lens that all reads ‘I had my vaccine’ which UK users can share on their accounts.

The platform also hosts a series of questions and answers with medical experts on the Prime Minister’s snapchat account. The most recent took place on Saturday, June 19 with Dr Kiren Collison, acting deputy medical director of primary care for NHS England, answering questions from the public about the vaccine.

Snapchat has also expanded its ‘Here For You’ feature which provides in-app resources for people looking for more health, mental health and wellness information. When a person searches for ‘COVID-19’, ‘vaccine’, ‘NHS’ and ‘vaccination’ they will have access to the resources of NHS experts on the vaccine to ensure they are well informed, build trust and fight against disinformation.

The activity supports the NHS ‘every vaccination gives us hope’ campaign encouraging young people to get vaccinated and to join the millions of people who have already received their vaccines.

The government has reached its goal of offering a vaccine to the most vulnerable by April 15 and is on track to offer a first dose to all adults by July 19, 2 weeks earlier than expected. NHS England has extended the offer of a vaccine to all adults.

Health and Social Affairs Secretary Matt Hancock said:

With the vaccine offering now extended to all adults in England, we are working hard to boost uptake and encourage everyone to receive the vaccine when eligible.

I am delighted that Snapchat, Reddit, TikTok and YouTube – some of the most influential social media platforms – are coming together to support the largest and most successful vaccination effort in NHS history.

We are stepping up our immunization program on the road to recovery and I urge everyone to come forward for the offer, roll up their sleeves and join the millions who are already enjoying the most comprehensive protection possible from here on out. 2 doses.

Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden said:

Our vaccine rollout has been a great success and is now available to all adults.

We have worked closely with social media platforms throughout the pandemic to promote information about life-saving vaccines, and this new initiative with popular platforms will help increase adoption even further.

We are also fighting online disinformation with our new online safety bill to make sure people are not bombarded with harmful content.

Community network platform Reddit hosted 2 live ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions on its coronavirus forum, featuring experts such as Dr Amalina Bakri answering questions from Downing Street. Reddit will continue to host questions and answers over the next few weeks to help people access factual and reliable information from a range of experts.

TikTok’s support for the vaccine rollout includes adding the NHS ‘I got my COVID vaccine’ stickers to its library for users to share, and working with the Halo team – a group of scientists using the platform to deliver the latest vaccine information with shareable entertainment and videos.

Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi said:

I am delighted that some of the leading social media platforms are joining forces to boost immunization among the youngest. This is another incredible asset to our immunization program, which is already saving lives.

The vaccine is our way out of this pandemic and we have made incredible progress so far with more than 4 in 5 adults receiving at least one dose and all adults being invited.

I encourage everyone to receive the jab – it might keep you from getting seriously ill and protect your loved ones.

Ed Couchman, UK Regional Managing Director at Snapchat, said:

Snapchat playing a key role in the lives of young people around the world, we are excited to work with government to ensure they have accurate and reliable resources to stay safe, healthy and informed.

In addition to the creative tools, it’s great to expand our in-app health and wellness support portal with NHS vaccine resources and to run Q&A sessions with managers government officials from the Prime Minister’s official Snap Star account.

As we move into this next phase of the UK’s COVID-19 recovery, we continue to explore new ways to collaborate with trusted partners and organizations to help support the health and well-being of our Snapchat community.

In collaboration with the NHS, YouTube launched a video campaign with the slogan: ‘Let’s Not Go Back’ to remind its audience aged 18 to 34 of the importance of getting vaccinated through messages that talk about their personal experiences of one year of confinement.

The campaign runs on YouTube, national billboards and advertising for bus stops, and social media. Together, these information boards have generated more than 400 billion impressions worldwide.

Ben McOwen Wilson, UK Managing Director of YouTube, said:

We are delighted that we were able to support the NHS with our ‘Let’s Not Go Back’ campaign to encourage young people to get vaccinated. From billboards to bus stops, online and offline, we have reached out to young people wherever they are to educate them about the key role they have to play.

It has been fantastic to witness the public reaction to our national initiative and to see how far the young people have come. We will continue to fight the pandemic by using YouTube’s vast reach with young people to contribute to this crucial national effort.

Reddit Policy Director Dr Jessica Ashooh said:

Building bridges between policymakers, industry experts, and online communities is at the heart of how we elevate authoritative vaccine news on Reddit.

Our partnership with 10 Downing Street has enabled us to promote quality COVID-19 resources for Redditors in the UK.

Last year, Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden and Health and Welfare Secretary Matt Hancock agreed on new measures with social media platforms to limit the spread of false vaccine news and help people to find the information they need about any COVID-19 vaccine.

In a virtual panel discussion, Facebook, Twitter and Google pledged to uphold the principle that no business should profit or promote false information about COVID-19 vaccines, respond more quickly to reported content, and work with authorities to promote scientifically accurate messages.

The government has also developed a toolkit with content designed to be shared through WhatsApp and Facebook community groups, as well as Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, to tackle vaccine misinformation.

Earlier this year, we announced that Facebook and Instagram are supporting a new national social media campaign launched by the government and the NHS to get people to show their support for the vaccine rollout. The initiative allows users to update their profiles with a range of specially designed profile frames and graphics. People can use them to show ‘I got my vaccine’ or to pledge ‘I’m going to get the shot’.

The government has reached its goal of offering a vaccine to the most vulnerable by April 15 and is on track to offer a first dose to all adults by July 19, 2 weeks earlier than expected. NHS England has extended the offer of a vaccine to all adults.