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KNU denounces excessive force of Military Council against unarmed villagers of Kay Kaw – calls for urgent intervention by UN Security Council


The KNU statement was issued following the bombing of villages by the Burmese military which displaced around 10,000 civilians this week.

The KNU said the recent fighting on December 15 was the result of its self-defense against “the arrest by the Myanmar military council of individuals temporarily housed in Lay Kay Kaw, the destruction of their homes and the destruction of their homes. deployment of military forces against KNU troops. “

Padoh Saw Taw Nee, chief of foreign affairs of the Karen National Union (KNU), in a previous interview with Karen News, explained how in March of this year, the Burmese army retaliated with airstrikes against villagers not armed after facing the KNU troops.

“The Burmese army and its warplanes bombed our villagers after we on humanitarian ground provided temporary shelter and protection to politicians, activists and nonviolent protesters fleeing the killings and torture of State administration council appointed by the military. “

Padoh Saw Taw Nee said Karen News the latest attacks came after the Burmese military raided Lay Kay Kaw and forcibly detained politicians and pro-democracy opponents of the military and its state board.

“The army deployed its troops against our KNU soldiers and when we defended ourselves the Burmese army responded by bombing villages, displacing 10,000 people. This army does not hesitate to target unarmed villagers. This is part of his retaliatory strategy.

The KNU statement also made an urgent appeal to “all Karen people living outside Burma, citizens of Burma, national and international organizations to provide food, medicine and temporary shelter to people fleeing the war. “.

The KNU predicted that there was “a strong possibility that Lay Kay Kaw would be attacked by the military council air force; it would cause serious damage and destruction of unarmed civilians, a serious human rights abuse.

The Karen National Union “urged the United Nations to identify a ‘no-fly zone’ by calling an emergency meeting with the UN Security Council and the international community.”

The KNU has called on the Thai government to allow international aid organizations to meet and provide assistance to war victims and displaced people.

KNU thanked the “Thai government and people of Thailand for providing temporary shelter to 3,000 displaced people in accordance with humanitarian principles. We would also like to thank the Thai government for allowing 2,000 internally displaced persons who fled the armed clashes that took place on December 19, 2021 to cross the border and hope that the Thai authorities will arrange appropriate accommodation for these people.

Vu Taw Nee said Karen News that the large number of internally displaced persons were now in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

“The situation is bad, very bad. We need everything: medicine, food, shelter. clothes and help. We call on the international community to work with us. We thank the Thai government for not forcing people to come back yet. “

Padoh Taw Nee warned that the KNU expects the military-backed State Administrative Council to use airstrikes against civilians as it has done in other parts of the country.

“They are deliberately targeting villages and civilians – our people have no protection against aerial bombardment or heavy artillery. If the international community does not intervene, it will be a humanitarian catastrophe.

Padoh Taw Nee said the military had driven the country into the ground. “The economy is now a disaster and the military response to Covid-19 has been inhumane. The military seized power from a legally elected government. The army has no place in politics, it is nonsense. We demand that the military withdraw from politics and return parliament to the people. ”

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