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Kinetix Group and White Swan Announce Global Partnership to Accelerate Identification of Underrecognized Diseases Through Social Listening


NEW YORK, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Kinetix Group (TKG) and White Swan have announced a global collaborative partnership to accelerate the early identification of common and underrecognized diseases and help alleviate the disease burden caused by delayed treatment.

The collaboration aims to improve quality of life by shortening the time it takes to correctly identify conditions and leveraging the voice of patients at risk of coming up against the “four walls” of healthcare through social listening and communication. ‘artificial intelligence.

“Partnering with White Swan gives our collective organizations the opportunity to change the conversation about how people define their healthcare journeys. It also allows us to influence and guide how adjacent healthcare actors identify, engage and activate around this unique information,” said Mindy OlivarezVice President of Innovation at TKG.

“We are excited to partner with TKG to amplify patient-centric insights, identify needs, and create improved patient journeys through our technology and analytics and TKG’s evidence-based solutions. This fits perfectly with our charitable mission,” added Miranda MapletonManaging Director of White Swan.

Although not exhaustive, initial focus areas will include:

  • Health mapping linked to patient preferences and patient diagnostic journeys
  • Training and education around pockets of rare diseases in the United States and around the world
  • Multi-stakeholder collaborations for unmet needs identified by social listening information

Both organizations are committed to exploring ways in which data can eliminate bias and improve healthcare delivery.

For more information on the partnership, please contact Mindy OlivarezVice President of Innovation at The Kinetix Group, at [email protected] Where Beth FordhamDirector of Operations at White Swan, [email protected].

The Kinetix Group

TKG enables life sciences companies to effectively engage with the healthcare system and paying customers by developing actionable strategies and solutions to reach the right patient, at the right time, with the right care. TKG also works directly with healthcare systems and payers to create and implement value-based delivery models for identified patient populations. To learn more, visit www.thekinetixgroup.com.

white swan

White Swan is a registered charity with a mission to improve health and well-being through artificial intelligence, technology and analytics. The organization leverages proprietary technology, algorithms, and cutting-edge data science capabilities to create tools and insights that enhance its holistic understanding of how to help patients and their physicians.

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