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Junta forces suffer heavy losses in south-eastern and western Myanmar


Karenni army soldiers in Kayah State. / KnAC

Through The Irrawaddy January 5, 2022

More than 20 junta soldiers have reportedly been killed over the past two days in intense firefights with civilian armed resistance forces in Kayah and Chin states. About 50 other regime soldiers have been killed in Kayah since last Friday.

On Tuesday afternoon, a violent clash erupted in Shadaw County, Kayah State, when the Karenni Army (KA), the armed wing of the Karenni National Progressive Party, attacked a detachment of 300 soldiers from the junta marching in the canton, according to the Karenni army. Center, the media wing of KA.

At least 16 junta soldiers, including deputy battalion commander Kyaw Thu Soe, were killed and many more injured during the two-hour battle, the KA Center said. A KA fighter sustained minor leg injuries.

KA claimed that regime forces left the body of the deceased deputy battalion commander in a border guard camp under Burmese military surveillance.

Junta forces looted homes and torched villages during their operations in Kayah state, KA said.

The armed group predicted that there would be further clashes with regime troops in the near future as a combined force of the KA and the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF) responded to the presence of the junta forces in Shadaw Township.

About 50 other regime soldiers, including a battalion commander, have been killed in Kayah since last Friday, most of them dying in continued clashes with the combined forces of the KA, KNDF and the People’s Defense Forces ( PDF) in the townships of Demoso and Hpruso, in the state of Kayah.

Four civilian resistance fighters and KA soldiers were killed and others wounded in the fighting, according to Karenni resistance forces.

After military regime forces lost around 30 dead in a clash in Demoso last Friday, the junta called in two fighter jets to attack resistance groups.

Deputy Col. Kyaw Zaya, a battalion commander known to have led a brutal crackdown on anti-regime protesters and civilians in Yangon and Kayah state, was reportedly killed in the fighting.

On Monday morning, five regime soldiers were killed and 15 others wounded when civil resistance fighters from the Chinland-Matupi Defense Forces (CDF-Matupi) attacked a military base in the village of Htalbwe, in Matupi canton. , in the state of Chin.

That same evening, the CDF-Matupi also attacked a detachment of military reinforcements traveling on the Matupi-Hakha highway.

Two regime soldiers were captured during the fighting, CDF-Matupi spokesperson told The Irrawaddy.

The resistance group said it continued to attack the base in the village of Htalbwe on Tuesday.

A civilian resistance fighter was injured in the raid. Military losses are unknown, the spokesperson said on Wednesday.

Regime forces now face daily attacks from PDFs and armed ethnic groups across the country, with the exception of Rakhine State in western Myanmar.

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