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How the United States Arms Ukraine – 24/7 Wall St.


When Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an invasion into Ukraine on February 2On February 4, 2022, experts around the world predicted a quick Russian victory. During a briefing to members of Congress a few weeks earlier, General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, signaled that the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, could fall in 72 hoursrs if Russia decided to invade. After all, Russia’s defense budget is 10 times that of Ukraine. (See how Russia and Ukraine’s military spending compares to the world.)

These grim predictions have proven wrong. The Ukrainian resistance has so far contained the Russian offensive more effectively than many thought possible. Ukraine has ceded little ground and has even launcountuh offensives, pushing russian troops back to wards the border in some cases.

While the United States is not boundd by a trDetermined to defend Ukrainian independence, President Joe Biden appears to be doing almost everything in his power to support the resistance short of deploying US troops. The United States is not alone in providing military assistance to Ukraine and imposing sanctions on Russia.

In addition to issuingg unprececonomic sanctions shaken, Biden administration pledged about $3.4 ticketion in providing security assistance to Ukraine since the start of the invasion. Much of this assistance has been in the form of military equipment – ​​from helicopters and Humvees to artillery pieces and landmines. Here’s a look at the deadliest guns of all time.

Using press releases from the departmentent of Defense, 24/7 Wall St. identified the weapons that the United States supplies to Ukraine.

Going forward, it remains to be seen to what extent the United States might be drawn into the conflict. If the fighting spills over into one of the NATO member states thatt UK borderraine, the United States will be forced to engage militarily. Moreover, many fear that continued US military assistance to Ukraine will heighten tensions and lead to confrontation between countries around the world.two bigger corear superpowers – Russia hasand the UNUnited States. Here’s a glimpse of what a nuclear war would do to the world.

As the war enters its fourth month, when or how it will end, no one knows.

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