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Former New Yorkers network via WhatsApp


“I like to have intellectual conversations about politics and things of that nature, and I want to have a safe space to do that,” said Ms Khan, 40. “I won’t say no one in Miami will, but New Yorkers are much more likely to be lined up that way.

She joined New Miami Girls, a Facebook group, and soon received a message from another former New Yorker. The two women, accompanied by a friend of a friend also from the city, met over drinks and remained close throughout the pandemic. It helped his mindset during a difficult time, when opinions on public health practices varied from state to state.

“Miami is a bit more liberal than other parts of Florida, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was cautious about Covid conversations and assuming things about the status of vaccinations,” she said. “My friends in New York have all sort of erred on the more cautious side.”

Over the summer, Ricky Berrin, an entertainment lawyer at a production company, created a WhatsApp group in Miami for former New Yorkers to swap tips on home and car sharing. .

“I created the group selfishly,” said Mr. Berrin, 39. “I didn’t want to commit to a lease, and I wanted to see who was around, who had empty rooms.”

He was shocked by the cat’s popularity. “We now have two separate WhatsApp groups which are completely full,” he said. “I have to kick people out now and approve some people. I would say there are at least 10 posts a day.

He said meeting New Yorkers in Miami and Los Angeles enhances the experience of living in those sunny, airy cities. “There’s something about the ambition of the people of New York and a certain style of interacting with the world,” he said. “They are more ambitious, adventurous and curious.”