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DVIDS – News – Sustainment solutions: ONR Global and the Chilean Navy organize the AVANTE challenge to resolve maritime sustainment issues


By the Office of Naval Research Global

Viña del Mar, Chile — For the purpose of strengthening naval capabilities in the area of ​​maritime sustainment — in particular, the rapid repair of ships in dry dock — the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Global and the Chilean Naval Polytechnic Academy recently hosted the 2021 AVANTE Challenge.

ONR Global sponsored the competition by funding teams from small businesses and universities to find solutions to a set of problems proposed by the Chilean Navy, with a technological focus on maritime sustainment, low cost and five months. Three winning teams were selected.

“The AVANTE innovation challenge clearly demonstrates to the world how creative and potentially revolutionary technological solutions to the most difficult and widespread maritime problems can be developed in a matter of months,” said ONR’s global technical director, Dr. Rhett Jefferies. “ONR Global congratulates all the AVANTE 2021 teams for their ingenuity and their efforts to develop their products, and encourages them to continue to innovate. The winning teams best demonstrated how their technological approach meets the objectives of the challenge and is most market ready in a product for Chile, the United States and the world.

In its second year, the AVANTE challenge followed the successful Hacking for Defense (H4D) model used by the US Navy and ONR. H4D is a problem-solving method used by the US Department of Defense and universities to create a pipeline of young technologists and entrepreneurs ready to take on tough challenges.

The AVANTE challenge also involved collaboration with ONR’s NavalX innovation unit, which enables collaboration; streamlines the pace of discovery, learning and experimentation; and fosters the capacity for innovation and agility of the US naval workforce.

During this year’s edition, after various competitive events, five teams were initially selected to train in a Dual-Use Tech program, which allowed them to develop technologies for the defense sector and the market. civilian, while showing the results of the products they produce. Three finalists were then selected to receive funding after presenting the best dual-use technology proposals, with commercial application in addition to potential defense use.

The three finalists were JakSol (small business), Streltech (small business) and PredictiveLab (university, Universidad de Chile).

Although the technological objective of the challenge was maritime sustainment, primarily in the area of ​​dry dock ship repair, the competition brought together innovative technology, commercialization and start-up companies. The teams mainly developed digital platforms and tools, with elements of artificial intelligence and machine learning for their algorithms, to improve the logistics of spare parts, refine operations and maintenance plans and improve technical advice. from a distance.

“Our bilateral relationship is absolutely critical to our mutual success for the region and the world,” said Brad Goodrich, deputy director of NavalX. “Our allies are of the utmost importance to us as we work together for mutual success in the future.

“Over the past two years, since its inception as an innovation cell for the US Navy, NavalX has strived to deliver capabilities faster and enhance the corporate culture across the entire Navy as we develop our workforce, ”continued Goodrich. “We would like to continue to develop our already strong relationship with Chile and engage them in this future vision, which includes a more collaborative, connected and capable force.”

ONR Global sponsors science efforts outside of the United States, working with scientists and partners around the world to discover and advance naval capabilities.

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