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DVIDS – News – NCDOC Hosts Inaugural WIN Event at Hampton Roads: The Story Behind the Biography


NORFOLK (NNS) – The Navy Cyber ​​Defense Operations Command (NCDOC) hosted the first Women in the Navy (WIN) event at Hampton Roads, The Veil Brewery on October 1.

The WIN project started in the residence of the NOC and Ms. Linda Gilday. Gilday wanted to recognize the pioneering women who made history. The original WIN Project had two goals: to honor these “first” women – who served with honor, humility, courage and sacrifice both in uniform and in the civilian ranks; and inspire men and women.

About 30 women, enlisted and officers, from ten different commands attended the first WIN-Hampton Roads event.

Captain Christina Hicks, Commander of NCDOC, kicked off the event and welcomed the women.

“What an incredible outing! Thank you all for coming to our very first WIN event at Hampton Roads. WIN started at Ms. Gilday’s home to honor the women in the Navy who paved the way for us to guide and inspire each other as we share our personal stories behind the biography. We wanted to bring that here to Hampton Roads, give us the opportunity to come together in a social setting – outside of the workplace – to get to know each other, uplift each other and find mentors, ”Hicks said. in his opening speech. “There’s the saying, ‘What do you do when you get to the top? You reach out and help others get up. This is the purpose and the intention of why we are gathered together tonight.

Vice-Admiral Kelly Aeschbach, Commander Naval Information Forces (NAVIFOR), was the guest speaker for the evening.

“Tonight I want to share some thoughts on what’s going on below the surface. Specifically, three things that have contributed to my success or challenges. Firstly, none of us in uniform can do what we do without the support of our partners, our family and / or our village, “Aeschbach said.” For me it was my husband, who was artillery officer in the Marine Corps. We both made the decision together to invest in my career because it was very difficult to find the connection between our two careers… and the Navy had better locations.

“He was ready to lead the baby bootcamp! And while I would have handled it differently than him, ultimately trust between you and your spouse means accepting that you can’t impose your expectations on your partner. This part of trust trading is very important.

Several women brought their babies to the event. Turning to the pressure of balancing motherhood and a career in the Navy, Aeschbach spoke about some of her personal experiences and shared her experience with postpartum depression and peri-menopause, stressing that we don’t talk enough about the women’s health issues. She encouraged everyone to actively involve their health care providers. For those in need of treatment, she insisted that there is no negative impact on maintaining a security clearance.

Aeschbach answered questions from the audience. The group’s questions focused on micro-aggression in the workplace, the prejudices of being a career military officer and being a woman, the retention of women in the Navy, the challenges of bimilitary couple and the guilt of the mother.

WIN-Hampton Roads will be hosting social events on a quarterly basis.

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