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DVIDS – News – Fire and Emergency Services Academy Graduation Boosts Fleet with Reserve Support


Seven students graduated from Commander Naval Reserve (NR), Naval Installations Command (CNIC) Fire Academy aboard Naval Support Activity (NSA) Annapolis on April 29.

The Fire and Emergency Services (F&ES) program aims to train and equip Naval Reserve personnel as a firefighting force capable of rapid mobilization in the event of a natural or man-made disaster , as well as providing relief and support for routine basic functions. It was founded in 2007.
The course takes place every year. It lasts nine weeks and qualifies graduates with six major certifications: First Aid, Hazardous Materials Awareness (HAZMAT), HAZMAT Operations, HAZMAT Mission-Specific Competent Personal Protective Equipment, Firefighter 1, Firefighter 2, and Aircraft Firefighting and rescue. These graduates will also receive Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) 786B: Shore Base Airport and Aircraft Firefighter.
“This training builds the future strength of Naval Reserve firefighters,” said Anthony Pena, Senior Air Boatswain’s Chief, CNIC F&ES Military Firefighter Program Manager. “Students enter scenarios that challenge their natural instinct to save themselves and are encouraged to focus on saving others. The skills acquired during this course can be used from the first day of their operational career.
This year’s class includes a mix of staff who report to NR F&ES. Because this year’s class was smaller than in previous years, the students received almost one-on-one facilitation and more hands-on training time during the actual burns and hands-on evolutions, resulting in a significantly higher performing team and unified.
Graduates join the more than 150 NR Sailors capable of augmenting fire stations on installations around the world. Each is assigned to one of four detachments reporting to NR CNIC F&ES Head Office or NR Europe, Africa, Central F&ES/Air Operations Unit. Unit locations have been strategically chosen to best equip fleet concentration areas and support any Department of Defense (DoD) installation worldwide.
This year, nine additional students joined the latter part of the Academy course, to participate in the Aircraft Firefighting and Rescue course only. Many of these students were catching up on their training and certification impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
The certifications obtained are reciprocal on the civilian side, allowing NR F&ES personnel to work in military and civilian fire stations. Graduates often attain firefighting positions in civilian fire departments across the United States in their spare time.
This was the 5th consecutive year for it to be housed in Naval District Washington at Naval Support Activity Annapolis. The ongoing working relationship has strengthened the bonds between the instructors and NR F&ES management and has allowed both parties to better manage processes and support.

The NR CNIC F&ES program now has over 190 tickets, and growth is expected to continue as support requests come in from around the world. Graduates are prepared to support emergency request signals, positioned to support a variety of contingent situations. NR CNIC F&ES is always looking for qualified or highly motivated personnel to join the team – to answer the call “Ready Now. Anytime Anywhere.”

Date taken: 29.04.2022
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