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Citizen volunteers ‘step back from the sidelines’ to help Chesterfield Police veterinary officers recruit in post-George Floyd era | Crime News


Veronica Brown, who has also been selected to screen agents, said she initially wondered if the in-depth screening was worth spending time with her as a volunteer.

“When I started jumping through the hoops I said, ‘Oh, I’m not sure I can do that,'” said Brown, 73, retired educator and school administrator. . “But I’ll tell you that it was a valuable experience. Because once you’ve gone through all the different little requirements, then you have a chance to see what happens with a candidate who is going to be a police officer. kind of gives you a more balanced perspective. “

Katz said some people reacted negatively to the volunteer selection process, saying, “You don’t need to know this information about me.”

“And I’m like, ‘Yes, I do – we ask this information from the people we trust to be police officers. Why don’t we ask this information from the people who ask to help us screen the police officers?’ “Katz said. “I think we had people who just wanted to be patted on the shoulder and they said, ‘Here you are given the power to control our officers without having to establish that they themselves have take the step. ‘”

Katz said the department must ensure that volunteers are socially responsible, in good mental shape and of high moral character.

“I also wanted to make sure they had a thorough understanding of the process we go through to hire members of the police department,” Katz said. “And for one person, they were shocked. They couldn’t believe that we were examining our officers the way we did. They have a direct appreciation of how difficult this process is.”

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