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China wins no-fire territorial ‘war’ – Adan


CHINA won the West Philippine Sea War without firing a single blow, an official with the Philippine Council on Foreign Relations said.

In his seven-page article sent to the Manila Times, Lieutenant-General. Edilberto Adan said this was due to China’s “hybrid” and “unrestricted” threats of war in the country’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

“The Philippines, while developing a credible defense capability that is a source of national pride, needs not only friends and partners, but also a committed ally not only for its defense in the event of an armed attack,” but also to help develop their capacities to resist the grayness. China’s zone tactics, ”he said.

The former vice chief of staff of the armed forces backed calls for a review of the 70-year-old Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) between the Philippines and the United States, saying major adjustments to the agreement must be reached in order to keep track of the tactics employed by Beijing.

A vital role played by the EMD is to deter more aggressive actions by China inside our EEZ and disputed areas. The Department of National Defense and the Philippine armed forces must learn to adapt quickly to asymmetric and hybrid warfare techniques used to advance China’s national goals, ”Adan said.

He added that the United States is obligated by the MDT to help the Philippines in the event of an “armed attack”.

However, he said Beijing is using the “gray zone” strategy to bypass the PH-US defense pact and avoid physical confrontations because the only time the US can intervene is during an invasion or invasion. an armed attack where conventional weapons are used.

“Nakapako kasi sa salitang armed attack in United States. Doon lang sila papasok kapag can physical attack. Invasion o parang giyera. Nakabase kasi ito noon pang 1951 after World War II na sinundan ng Korean War (The United States is bound by the words armed attacks. This is the only time he can enter, if there is a physical attack. An invasion, or a war. It happened in 1951, after World War II, which was followed of the Korean War), ”he said.

Adan said this is where “hybrid” and “unrestricted” war threats come in.

Hybrid warfare, gray zone, or irregular operations involve the use of a range of actions ranging from non-violent economic manipulation to low levels of violence.

Adan told The Times that it’s different from what ordinary people know about war.

“The hybrid is a combination of non-kinetic actions employed by China. They wage war without restriction such as propaganda, cyber attacks and even economic and trade warfare,” he said.

“They use a different force – not explosive, like guns and bombs, but coercive force. What they did in the South China Sea, the West Philippine Sea, walang barilan, walang kanyunan they were able to achieve their goals, ”he added.

He cited as an example the use of maritime militias in the WPS, particularly on the Philippine EEZ islands.

The United States, Japan and other countries have expressed concern over China’s intentions, prompting reprimands from Beijing.

The Philippines had filed diplomatic protests against Beijing over several incidents in the WPS, including the ramming of Filipino ships, the regrouping of Chinese ships and incursions by Chinese ships.

Adan said the Philippines should act now by asserting rights and protection over EEZs under the TDM.

He admitted that even though the country is not strong militarily, a friendly nation can help Manila.

The problem is that the MDT review will take time.

That’s why, Adan said, the Philippines should follow what Japan has done with its deal with the United States, which is to pass amendments to include it or help modernize it.

“Dadaan talaga sa butas ng karayom. But hindi ibig sabihin na hindi pwedeng ma-amend o is improving. Make additional chords or basic addenda or amendments to help it (This will really pass the eye of the needle. But that does not mean that it cannot be amended or improved. Additional agreements or basic endorsements or amendments can be made to help it) and include certain words and actions of China. Nagawa na ito dati (That has been done before), ”he said.

The last time the MDT was changed was in 2005.

Adan said amendments should be made to include threats other than armed attacks, including cyber threats.

“You can cripple a nation without firing a shot using new technologies, electronic warfare and cyber attacks that happen every day,” he said.