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CBS News poll on the war in Ukraine: what should the United States do now?


US support for sending more weapons to Ukraine to help in its fight against Russia, as well as maintaining sanctions against Russia, according to a new CBS poll.

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There is strong support for sending Ukraine more weapons to aid them in their fight, and increased sanctions on Russia are also finding favor, as Americans watch the continuing horrors of war unfold.

And while few people support direct US military action in Ukraine right now, Americans have a “red line” that could change that: Russia’s use of chemical or nuclear weapons or an attack on the territory. of NATO would induce a large majority to support American military action in Ukraine. answer.

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Not only does support for sanctions against Russia remain strong, but among those who support them, a large majority favors increasing them now.


Most Americans say Ukraine is important to U.S. national interests, for reasons such as stopping Russian aggression, protecting the lives of the Ukrainian people, and thinking about the role of states United in the world.


Is Biden doing enough?


President Biden continues to receive mixed reviews for his handling of the situation, in part because people are mixed about what more or less they want him to do from here.


Here is an overview of three groups:

The group “Biden should take more of a leadership role”

Some 41% want Mr. Biden to take an even bigger leadership role among world leaders trying to resolve the conflict, and they cast themselves as people who want more action overall:

They are even more in favor of sending arms to Ukrainians than Americans in general; and even relatively more favorable to sending American troops. They include a mix of Republicans and Democrats and are particularly likely to see this conflict, which they believe is important to American interests, as a reflection of American leadership in the world.


The group “Biden’s approach is about right”

There is a third who call Mr. Biden’s approach fair in terms of leadership, and they present themselves as seeking non-military resolutions, entirely in line with recent steps.

They are very supportive of sanctions, overwhelmingly saying that events in Ukraine are important as we try to stop Russian aggression, but are, like most Americans, reluctant to involve US troops. This group is also made up of more Democrats.


The group “Biden should take less of a leadership role”

This is a smaller group, 25%, who want Mr. Biden to take less of a leadership role, and they present themselves as wanting to be less involved overall.

Along with this sentiment toward Mr. Biden, they are much less likely than others to support arms supplies or have U.S. troops bolster NATO. This small group contains more Republicans than Democrats. They are also much less likely to think Ukraine matters much to US national interests in the first place.


This CBS News/YouGov survey was conducted among a nationally representative sample of 2,062 U.S. adult residents interviewed between April 5 and April 8, 2022. The sample was weighted by gender, age, race, and education based on the US Census American Community Survey and Current Population Survey, as well as the 2020 presidential election. The margin of error is ±2.8 points.