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Harriet Edelstein: BVSD Reminder: Building Confidence in Our Children

I am writing to support the members of the BVSD school board who made the wise, humane and practical decision to put in place a mask mandate for our children and to oppose their recall. We are in a global pandemic. Recommendations from our Colorado and local public health officials, infectious disease specialists and the CDC should be followed. All school employees and our children must be masked to protect themselves and those with whom they come in contact from devastating illness and possibly long-term disability.

Supporters of the recall say they are concerned about the mental health of our children. I expect them to advocate for more mental health professionals, social workers, psychologists and counselors in our schools then. I worked as a school social worker in the BVSD system for almost 30 years. During my time in schools, the need for mental health services was overwhelming and has only increased since then, especially with anxiety and depression brought on by the continued spread of COVID-19 and the stress that added to families. Hiding our students will help end the disruption caused to all of us by hastening the end of this scourge. Doing less only continues the devastation. Children need to know and trust that their parents and guardians put their safety first. They must also be taught to be good citizens and socially responsible people by caring for others.

Needless to say, the exorbitant cost of a recall (at least $ 600,000) is an outrageous waste at a time when schools and staff are suffering the needs of responding to continuing viral epidemics. Refuse to sign the recall petition.

Harriet edelstein


Riley Mancuso: Marc A. Thiessen: A Hateful Comment

Shame on camera for reprinting Marc A. Thiessen’s hateful comment of September 26 “When you vote to let terrorists kill Jews, that’s anti-Semitism”.

It is not anti-Semitic to oppose sending blank checks to the IDF. Israel is not Jewish. Israel is an apartheid nation-state that attempts to synonymous with Judaism to deflect criticism. Many Jewish organizations strongly oppose the Israeli occupation, including the Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and B’Tselem (Israel Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories), which holds a current account of the death toll in the “conflict”, showing that 87% of the deaths were Palestinians and only 13% Israeli.

Palestinians are not terrorists. The Palestinians are a people, a diverse population of Jews, Christians and Muslims, whom Israel attempts to equate with terrorism to distract from its own war crimes. And war crimes is the end of it. Defense for Children International (DCI) keeps a weekly record of the number of children killed with live ammunition by the IDF in the West Bank, as well as children jailed for months without charge or trial in Israeli detention centers. However, the life and human dignity of Palestinian adults also matters.

You can find out more at https://decolonizepalestine.com. What Israel is doing to the Palestinians is not a two-sided “conflict”, it is ethnic cleansing, as defined by the United Nations – “” … a deliberate policy designed by an ethnic or religious group to eliminate by violent means and inspiring terrorism the civilian population of another ethnic or religious group in certain geographical areas.

Riley mancuso


Don Tocher: Affordable housing: it’s too many students

Martha H. Jones shows why your editorial stance is weak (September 26), and I think the greatest return on investment in affordable housing is in the actions that should be taken by CU Boulder.

While I like a lot of things about CU (a few good departments, faculties, publicly accessible programs, and sports), I think CU has been irresponsible about it.

According to: www.usnews.com/best-colleges/university-of-colorado-boulder-1370/student-life: 72% of CU’s undergraduates (around 22,000) live off campus. CU improved its image as a “party school” by dumping too many students and young teachers into the city; thus making our affordable housing goals unachievable. It continues its momentum of expansion without worrying about its environment.

CU Sud’s effort included negotiating with CU for the easement necessary for flood mitigation; this failed (Editor’s note, Camera letters, August 25). Likewise, asking CU to reduce its growth – in fact, temporarily downsizing in sync with the construction of residential-only spaces will likely fail too. So if so, sue CU for encroachment.

Don Tocher


Bob Norris: Richard Garcia: The recall is a big mistake

Rarely have recalls in Colorado met the intent of recalls in the state. The attempted recall of Boulder Valley School District board members Richard Garcia, Lisa Sweeny-Marin and Kathy Genhardt, is no exception.

They were following the recommendation of the Boulder County Health Department which in turn followed the science used by the CDC to protect the health of students in the district. For those of you who don’t know Mr. Garcia, he has dedicated over 40 years to educating our children. Mr. Garcia understands not only reading, writing and arithmetic, but also the many other facets of education that are necessary for the development of the whole child. Mr. Garcia was also responsible for programs that help parents understand how to support their own children and their education and also how to bring parents, teachers and principals together to ensure better results.

Voters in the Boulder Valley School District would be foolish not to keep Mr. Garcia’s job on the school board.

Bob norris


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