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Buhari promises more support to the army


President Muhammadu Buhari celebrated the sacrifices and successes of the Nigerian military in the courageous defense of the country.

During the graduation ceremony of 247 students from the Upper 44 course of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji, President Buhari pledged that his administration would continue to provide the necessary support to eliminate terrorists and the insurgents.

The President noted that most of the security challenges facing the world today were both asymmetric and cross-border, mainly involving non-state actors in different regions and sub-regions of the world.

”Nigeria’s armed forces are working tirelessly to improve their combat effectiveness, operational capability and training necessary to eliminate threats, in synergy with other institutions and nations. The response of the Nigeria Armed Forces to the Boko Haram insurgency, banditry, militancy, kidnappings as well as the activities of separatists and armed militias, among others, has been commendable”. He stated.

“This government will continue to provide the necessary guidance and support to ensure the desired results are achieved,” he said.

”We have witnessed recent terrorist attacks in Nigeria bearing the hallmark of domestic and cross-border insurgents trying to wreak havoc in Nigeria as well as neighboring countries. It will be your duty to confront these terrorists and insurgents and wipe them off the face of the earth and bring peace to our countries,” the president told the graduate students. The president said.

President Buhari described the specifics of their training, which focused primarily on countering security threats, as very important, adding that “effectively countering common security threats requires African countries to continue to work together. at all levels, whether tactical, operational or strategic.

President Buhari emphasizes multinational partnership

Assessing the ongoing collaboration of the armed forces of Nigeria, Cameroon, the Republic of Niger, the Republic of Benin and Chad in a multinational operation to counter the Boko Haram insurgency in the Lake Chad region, the President said she had been productive, commendable and successful.

The President said that the past 12 years have been very difficult for our nation, given the various security threats that have beleaguered the country.

”Our government stands ready to promote national security and development, as well as remain committed to promoting a vision of a safe, secure, just, peaceful, prosperous and strong Nigeria. We will employ all elements of our national power to ensure security, a just society, peaceful coexistence, national unity and sustainable development while promoting our good reputation internationally,” he noted.

President Buhari said he was delighted that among the graduating students were international officers from brotherly African countries, saying he was sure they enjoyed the friendliness of the country during their stay.

Describing Nigeria as one of the most hospitable countries to visit and stay despite its diversity and challenges, the President enjoined the 44 course scholars to have fond memories of the 40+ year college which prepares officers leadership at the tactical and operational level, focusing on national security, joint planning processes, interagency cooperation and operations, and multinational integration.

Graduating students

President Buhari told the graduate students that their participation in the course was a further testament to national security aspirations to promote international peace, friendship and cooperation.

”To the graduate students of ministries, departments and agencies in Nigeria, you have indeed vindicated the trust placed in you by your respective organisations. Congratulations!

“We must especially commend the wives of the graduates here for keeping the home front and without whose sacrifices there would have been no celebrations for many here today,” he said.

President Buhari also commended the Commandant and his team for turning the graduating students into highly refined products and for the ongoing works to expand and modernize the facilities of the College.

“Your efforts maintain the College’s status as a reputable mid-level military training institution. I therefore congratulate the College Board and the Commandant and his staff for these remarkable achievements.

”This government will continue to support the College in its development efforts. My administration will also continue to prioritize the training and welfare of the officers and men of our armed forces.

“You graduate students should realize that the nation has made a lot of investment in your education up to this point in your respective careers.

”I’m confident you’ve been groomed enough in character and learned to handle the challenges you’ll face down the road.

”For the graduating Nigerian students among you, graduation today is a call to duty in the service of our country. Nigeria expects the best from you in terms of loyalty, commitment to duty and service to your motherland.

“Therefore, you should strive to make honest and positive contributions to the discharge of the constitutional responsibilities of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, your strategic ministries, departments and agencies and be good ambassadors of the Command College and of the General Staff of the Armed Forces”, the president said.

Intensive training for attendees

Earlier, the Commandant of the College, Air Vice Marshal Olurotimi Tuwase explained that 111 army officers, 69 navy officers, 42 air force officers, 10 students from organizations paramilitaries and ministries, departments and agencies, as well as 15 international students have completed the 48-week intensive training, culminating in the Pass Staff Course, PSC.

AVM Tuwase said the 44 international students in the upper course come from Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania , Togo and Zambia.

The Commandant thanked the President for his unwavering support to the College, noting that students at the prestigious school have been sufficiently trained and equipped with the staff and leadership skills to enable them to face most challenges in their careers.

President Buhari presented PSC certificates and awards to some graduates, as well as top graduate students.

Major Sunday Olayinka Atomode won the Minister of Defense Award for Highest Overall Rating, the Chief of Defense Staff Award for Joint Studies Department and the Chief of Staff Award of the Army for the Department of Land Warfare.

Lt. Commodore Godwin Emeka Okutue won the Navy Chief of Staff Award for the Maritime Warfare Department, Squadron Leader Peter Chika Echeazu won the Navy Chief of Staff Award for the Air Warfare Department, while the Commander’s Award for Outstanding Non-Military Student went to Ajiamah, and Major Dankwoh of Ghana, for Outstanding International Student.

Reporting by Abdullah Bello; edited by Adeniyi Bakare

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