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Atlantic Logistics recognizes Jonathon Mosal as Director of Government Services, Military Veteran


Atlantic Logistics is one of the national leaders in the field of transportation, planning and supply chain with third party planning (3PL). A year ago, the company hired Jonathon “Jon” Mosal as Director of Government Services to expand its interests in US government contracts, carriers, shippers, and IT communities. With Mosal’s lifelong professional career as a military veteran, contractor, and civilian employee for the US Navy, Army and Marine Corps, he expanded planning activities by providing transport work with local, state and federal relations. that benefit company programs and policies. His social, legislative and administrative ties earned Mosal recognition as a vital member of the team and honors on Veterans Day on Thursday, November 11.

Prior to his employment with Atlantic Logistics, Mosal served for over 30 years as a military and civilian service provider and commander of the US Navy, Army and Marine Corps in the areas of distribution, planning, operations, transportation, education, etc. He continued his career in higher education while enlisting in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), which offered him the opportunity to study and serve in the military program to earn college credit. Mosal is in the National Guard and received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Valley City State College in Valley City, North Carolina.

“My interests and dedication to military and civilian life began with a strong family history of service, including a grandfather during WWI and my father during WWII and the Korean War,” Mosal said. .

“Having traveled extensively in my previous career while working and living in Korea, Germany and the United States, I have enjoyed my service in various functions in the military sector,” he said. “My family has always been with me during those times, and now we’re happy to all live together in the Julington Creek area of ​​Jacksonville,” he said.

“We are so proud to know Jon and to benefit from his highly specialized field. He is a key member of Atlantic Logistics and joins the 43 company employees who depend on him for his expertise and knowledge in government, ”said Rob Hooper, founder and CEO of the company. “We wish Jon, all members of the military service and their families a very memorable Veterans Day,” he said.

Atlantic Logistics’ corporate building complex is located at 3003 Claire Lane, Suite 303 in Jacksonville with an office at 150 S. Lawrence Blvd. in Keystone Heights, Florida. The company is expanding its headquarters in the Mandarin neighborhood of Jacksonville to support increased business and hiring of staff.

Atlantic Logistics was founded 20 years ago and experienced record growth in 2020, moving 24,900 loads and generating total revenue of $ 24.5 million. Using the latest industry technologies such as load tracking, digital cargo matching and transportation management software, the company is thriving. Professional partners, including Trucker Tools and McLeod Software, have leveraged Atlantic Logistics’ resources to meet continued expansion through 2021 and beyond.

About Atlantic Logistics:

Atlantic Logistics offers truckload capacity for trucks, trays, vans and reefer containers throughout the United States and Canada. Carrying oversized / overweight cargo with specialized equipment, Atlantic Logistics is a licensed broker of the Department of Defense and General Service Administration, qualifies as a women-owned business and is a member of the Brick Industry Association, Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA), Transportation Management Sales Association (TMSA), Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) The National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA). For more information call 800.940.8712. Visit the website at https://www.shipatlantic.com.


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