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17 Guns Used by Americans to Fight WWII – 24/7 Wall St.


In a speech delivered in decemberuh 1940, one youar before the United States officially entered World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared that the United States “that must be itThe great arsenal of democracy. Roosevelt’s words proved prescient, as the United States produced 86,000 tanks, 96,000 bombers, 2.4 million trucks, and 6.5 million rifles to help deliver an Allied victory. (Here’s a look at the greatest war speeches in history.)

Prior to America’s direct involvement in the war, the United States used its industrial might to support the Allies, supporting their fight against Nazi Germany and the Axis powers by supplying them with weapons. Yet the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor found the United States on its heels, missing the Qamount of firearms needed to wage a full-scale war.

Pushed into war overnight, the U.S. government threw normal procurement protocol out the window, and virtually all domestic firearms development and manufacturing was moved to support the war effort. Some of these firearms carried into battle by American servicemen across Europe, North Africa and the Pacific are now iconic, while others have been largely forgotten.

Using data from a variety of sources, including War History Network, the National Park Service and the National WWII Museum, 24/7 Wall St. have identified 17 of the firearms that helped America fight World War II. Although this list is not exhaustive, we have considered a range of firearm types, including rifles, shotguns, machine guns and handguns.

Some of these weapons were developed specifically for warfare, while others – including some revolvers – had been around for decades. Several have been produced in the millions and carried by multiple service branches. Others, meanwhile, were not widely adopted but still found niche roles in the larger war effort. (Here’s a look at the guns that have made it to the Old West.)

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