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10 unpopular opinions on the film, according to Reddit


For a certain group of fans, The matrix: resurrections has been one of the most anticipated episodes of a film franchise, not least because -or in spite- of The matrix released over twenty years ago. While he might not claim the same size fanbase that he devoted to Star Wars (or anything in the MCU), it had a sizable impact on pop culture, so it’s no surprise that, as with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the film has already garnered many differing opinions from audiences.

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That viewers believe his plot is a blatant scam of free guy (what most fans consider a blatant scam The matrix), or just praise artistic choices that die-hard fans can’t stick to (Lana Wachowski intentionally made a bad movie), The matrix: resurrections has been the subject of unpopular opinions all over Reddit. Regardless of which side fans of the red or blue pill fall on, it is clear that this fourth installment is part of a franchise that has always been the subject of heated debate.

He’s just a free guy with a matrix filter

Overlay image of Neo from The Matrix and Guy from Free Guy

While the plot of The Matrix: Resurrections, about a man awakening to the reality of his existence, may not sound very original given that he is so ingrained in the history of the Matrix, his predecessor inspired by countless action movies with a focus on a world in a simulation (Loan Player One) and ushered in an era of brain-action movies like Bourne’s identity.

FaithlessnessSea5244 doesn’t perceive it as a unique movie because “it’s just free guy with a Matrix filter “, with the same concept of” all players [being] self-aware “and” the programmer [trying] to maintain the status quo. “Although some fans do not totally like this fourth installment, they still concede that there would be no free guy without The matrix, and if anything, Matrix resurrections tearing.

It’s misunderstood

Keanu Reeves as Neo in Matrix Resurrections

The initial reaction from fans was to object to the subversive nature of the film’s plot, which doesn’t seem to respond to the concepts, themes and visuals they expected to see. Rather than admit that the film’s intentions may have been misunderstood, most fans have fallen on either side of a steep binary dichotomy.

For better or worse, the Internet – Sensation thinks that “this movie wanted to try something original and unique” but new fans “don’t want a good movie, they want concentrated nostalgia” . Fans looking for elements of what they loved most about a 20-year franchise found nothing to appeal to them, other than subverted expectations.

He was eclipsed by an overrated Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man and The Matrix Keanu Reeves

It is not uncommon for tentpole franchises to post installments at the same time, and The matrix: resurrections debuted at the same time as Spider-Man: No Path Home. Most fans of the web superhero crowned his film the winner, in which an overall better plot, screenplay, and characters have to be invested emotionally.

AromaticIsNotTheWay thinks differently, citing that the fourth installment in Wachowski’s franchise would have been better received had it not been overshadowed by the latest addition to the series Tom Hollander, which has been “overrated. [for] fan service. Still, that argument doesn’t really hold up, as the two films are different enough to exist on their own without negatively impacting each other. With its star cast and shocking scenes, Spider-Man: No Path Home satisfies fan expectations while The matrix: resurrections does not have.

It’ll get better over time like the Star Wars prequels

Liam Neeson as Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars Phantom Menace, Keanu Reeves as Neo and Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith in The Matrix

When the prequel trilogy came out, a lot of hardcore Star wars Fans weren’t at all happy with George Lucas’ vision for the downfall of the Republic and the rise of Darth Vader, but have since grown to view the films with more affection. However, most Matrix fans don’t see how The matrix: resurrections will be viewed favorably decades from now.

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WDZERO thinks that because “the weather has only been good for [the Matrix sequels], like the prequels in Star wars” and Matrix resurrections has nothing to fear. For this to happen, it may even take longer Matrix movies (like Star wars Sequel Trilogy) so fans can have something to juxtapose in hindsight.

It captures modern technology and society

Neo in an elevator surrounded by people on the phone in Matrix Resurrections

As revolutionary as The matrix was, it is a product of its time. For many fans, it reflects the attitudes and concepts inherent in the late 90s / dawn of the new millennium, while also being seen as shrewd, cerebral, and prescient. He made a statement on the technology while showing off some of the more advanced forms of it in cinema.

Yskjn ​​says that while the original films were like “time capsules” in the way they captured then-modern concepts of communication and technology, the fourth installment captures “the current environment” in much the same way. Most fans are inclined to admit that while this may reflect a society saturated with social media, The matrix: resurrections does not do enough to provide philosophical commentary, nor to push the boundaries of film technology.

It’s made for troll fans

End of matrix credits scene

The films of the Wachowski sisters have always pushed the limits, even if they have not always been well received by their fans. Fans who expected the same from Lana Wachowski and her vision for the franchise weren’t willing to believe that she made a movie with poor visuals, acting, and plot to just make it happen. equivalent of a bait and a cinematic switch.

Exodius33 thinks that the Matrix the series is over, and if fans “ironically wanted a short story, then Lana Wachowski thinks you’re a moron who loved the brand rather than anything that is actually espoused by art.” Most fans think it’s perfectly okay for the director to make a movie with a particular vision, as long as that vision is executed well.

It’s bad on purpose

matrix 4 first images keanu reeves neo

Fans criticized Matrix resurrections‘action scenes, set design and fight choreography due to their inability to live up to the groundbreaking versions found in the original film. They don’t believe Lana Wachowski could have intentionally sabotaged the film, making a soulless money grab because she didn’t want to be forced into a soulless money grab by Warner Brothers.

Northernboundary claims “Matrix 4 is a shit movie on purpose to say our reality / matrix life in 1999 was way better than the pandemic, social media infected, climate change threatened, mundane” I’m having an extra squirt of chocolate in my mocha ‘existence we all live in today. “Fans believe that by doing exactly what Warner Brothers claimed to want, Lana Wachowski was not as subversive as she had hoped, leaving the fans fall in the process, yet the director is free to express the vision that has always been her own and not disgruntled fans who think they know better.

It is intended to reflect the expectations

Jonathan Groff as Agent Smith in Matrix 4

Fans expected that The Matrix: Resurrections, with twenty years of new cinematic techniques to offer, would be even more incredible than previous films. The film they received looked like a bummer, especially since its production values ​​and lore didn’t seem to improve on what was already provided. To add flame to the fire, some beloved characters (like Agent Smith) looked completely different.

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Britishpianoboi maintains that the film is a commentary to “bring us back to our imperfect reality” and that being “bad beyond words” makes it revolutionary, capable of “waking the audience” to its enslavement to reboots, remakes and unoriginal ideas. Most fans saw no point in poking fun at modern society with terrible, wooden comedy jokes if it was to the detriment of everything they loved about the original trilogy.

It works like an artistic statement

Priyanka Chopra as Sati in Matrix 4

The matrix: resurrections had many strong characters, but fans who hoped to see them act the same, or be part of the world-building and familiar lore with the sequel, were disappointed. They didn’t want to receive a meta-statement about the franchise itself, they wanted a continuation of what the franchise had to offer.

For km89, who sees the film as art, accepts that “not everyone is going to like it”, but with “full awareness that [it[ wasn’t an attempt to continue the Matrix storyline.” Being subjective, art won’t please everyone because everyone has different tastes, but most fans believed the message the director put forth was obscured by the way it was presented.

It’s About Breaking Free From Preconceptions

morpheus matrix 4 resurrections yahya abdul mateen

It can be difficult for a fan to adjust to the creative decisions of a franchise when it matters a lot to them. Observe The matrix: resurrections making fun of himself and what made his franchise compelling didn’t appeal to fans who felt ignored, ostracized and belittled.

WorldFarAway believes that they were not entitled to be taken care of because “the matrix is ​​to free oneself from preconceptions and [the audience] needs their expectations recalibrated. ”What Lana Wachowski considered suffocating, many fans didn’t and didn’t appreciate the film’s new tone which, like the new version of Morpheus, was too off-putting.

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